Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Friends ~ part 1

yoyooyyoy !!!! i am back and this time its holiday~ wkakakakak
2 weeks only nia wish i dint fail any sub then i dont have to take 1 more sam ><~
o0 nxt monday i going melaka sit bus ~ lo ~ cant wait but havent buy bus ticket so better buy Sin !~
as i said just now I DANM FREAKING GOING TO miSs U ALL LA WOnt C U all ANYMORE ! !!!
OH my ~ >< well life has to move on ~ Lo wish it can stop for awile ~ ahaha ~
ALL the BEst for ur future studies ~ Dont FAil keep it on !! !
In this 1 year we had many fun times ~ and gud memory and in that 1 year i leanr many this ~ teach my ppl and got taught by many people ~ ^^ Thanks ~ to those who teach me since i dnt knw ~ I really appreciate it ~^^
Well it was 1 year b4 this everyone was loss ~ haha but now we have a map and this map will show us our future help by friends ~ ^^ ~ hehehe
i think i talk too much so chaio ~

Monday, April 4, 2011

Feeling abit down this few days cause of my physics i rely must pass it comon work harder ern lai !!!!
i not going to let ppl look down on me comon ! ! ! yup so long no write block ~ quite busy la ><~
hiaz i think wed will get my result back for the term paper i realy put alot of effort in it so pls give me a gud result ~ ^^ i think i going to miss all friend who going to finish foundation men !!!! this sucks ~~ each have their own way to go and dreams to fufil hope we can meet again somewhere ~ well chaio i gt to finish my last lap report ~! ~^^ emoing ~

Saturday, March 5, 2011

LOL~>..............dono how mnay weeks no blog jor .......life so busy
assiment = GG +die
haiz adv eng , sta . moral , psycho LOL~
life going well for me being helping ameline and taltal with her eng .. i just hope we do well for ur term paper ..............
well failing phy make my life more hard
i gt back my phy paper and a 7 markh came out haiz sad TT ~ i wa study hard jor !! !!
i seldom c my old phy friend espically my lab partner
i dono weather she forgive me ( if i did smt wrong ) well so sad i had lose of my best friend haiz ........ when i think i also will sad............ happy moment goes very fast haiz ~TT ~
No choice ................. rmb the happy times we had and sad times we had but i never will imageine this will happen .....never ...........haiz ~ sad-ing ntg to say ..........
ok .Skip .................y u suddenly so rajin write blog ~ ahaha cause i now ntg to do well i wan take a break LOL~ so write blog lol procrastinating now ~ ^^
HAiz i wish u can tell me wad when wrong !!!
ok chiao ...............i gt to do my homework ~^^

Saturday, February 12, 2011

YO ..............i am back !!!!! lol after after 1 month no blogging i am back ~ wkakakaka.........~XD
Well ntg happen abit busy this whole month my term paper topic is out i doing on energy scources LOL~
Well nxt sat is my mid term and u can c y i am busy .....alot of thing to do ~ haiz ~
Cny was fun ~ ehehehehee i get alot of angpao ~ LOL happy nia
And my birthday ~ wow i gt to celebrate 2 times ( hehe i do that every year ) ahahaha
so s quite special LOL~
but tdy my friend all go get bai nian but i no go cause no transport go home haiz i wan ask mom pinjam car but she dont let ~ sad nia ! !!! i wonder when i can have my own car ~ TT
mmmmm~ well ntg else i can say ~ so chiao ! !!

Monday, January 10, 2011

LOL~~ so long no post blog jor ~~~
LAzy post keep telling my self i post tmr but no post dao
ok this sam i have a new physics teacher name MR ganesh LOL~~ but i think i still miss mr nas
la so sad he have to go ~~~ He is good in physics man even without a degree in phy haiz ~~~~
so life go on in the phy class i have to repeat all my lap report and worst of all i am the class rap ~~~ SO sienz nid do so many things i hope i can at lest get a D or credit of phy hiaz ~~ miss u la teacher ~ TT
Everytime i go to lab also alone de this sam i kind of miss my friends in phy2 wad a sad case haiz ~~ well i now sadding again ........
LOL then Sta well i try to make my self entertain try considering ur self in the front role and nobody sitting beside u ......so i talk to the teacher name Mrs see ~~lol
Nice name ah ~ ahahahah well she a good teacher ahahahahah~~~~
Oh ya the JAn intake for 2011 aready come in i dono anyone but it nice to knw someone ~ ahahahaha
and now i stuck at this oll waiting for my mom to fetch me back home its aready 1 hr so sad i guess i have to wait somemore ~TT
ok chiao i think i wan go my sta homework ~ ahahahhahaha~ xd

Thursday, December 30, 2010

LOL~ my result haiz
CAl= Distinction
cts = pass
Phy =fail ~ ???? wth ?
Adv eng =fail haiz
so sad 2 sub fail ~` look like i going to take another sam
lol 3 sam i taking
phy 1
adv eng ~ haiz ~~ imba sad ~~
hope i pass my adv eng ~~

Monday, December 27, 2010

TMr will get my Sam 2 result so nervous ~ haiz ~~
imba ~ I hope i pass my adv eng and phy ~~ lol
now cant sleep ~~ so scary ~ HELP !!!!!
this few days alot of ppl go overseas jor ~ dono y ~ haiz
Dota come out new hero ~~~ but i still dono use ~ sad ~TT
ok la chaio ~ tmr will give u a full update on my result `~~