Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Friends ~ part 1

yoyooyyoy !!!! i am back and this time its holiday~ wkakakakak
2 weeks only nia wish i dint fail any sub then i dont have to take 1 more sam ><~
o0 nxt monday i going melaka sit bus ~ lo ~ cant wait but havent buy bus ticket so better buy Sin !~
as i said just now I DANM FREAKING GOING TO miSs U ALL LA WOnt C U all ANYMORE ! !!!
OH my ~ >< well life has to move on ~ Lo wish it can stop for awile ~ ahaha ~
ALL the BEst for ur future studies ~ Dont FAil keep it on !! !
In this 1 year we had many fun times ~ and gud memory and in that 1 year i leanr many this ~ teach my ppl and got taught by many people ~ ^^ Thanks ~ to those who teach me since i dnt knw ~ I really appreciate it ~^^
Well it was 1 year b4 this everyone was loss ~ haha but now we have a map and this map will show us our future help by friends ~ ^^ ~ hehehe
i think i talk too much so chaio ~

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